2013 is set to be a special year for Amsterdam as the city will be celebrating the 400th anniversary of its famous canals. The canal system has formed a network of connected waterways since the 17th century.

The canals still constitute the city's core and this is where you will find its shops, restaurants and culture. In 2010, UN organisation UNESCO even added the canal system to its World Heritage List. This makes the canals the ideal base to explore Amsterdam from.

Hotel Seven One Seven is located on the Prinsengracht in the centre of the canal system and ensures that you get a taster of the energetic atmosphere of both historic and present day Amsterdam! In honour of the 400th anniversary in 2013, various museums will organise special exhibitions about the history of life along the canals. There is an exquisite museum gift waiting for you.

Restaurants will have special menus featuring 17th-century dishes and traditional beverages. During your stay at Seven One Seven you will experience the rich history of the Netherlands with a traditional drink and snack, and an exceptional gift.